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BIOMEDCAN is an all-natural solution to better personal wellbeing. Our locally produced South African product range makes a healthy lifestyle easy to achieve. Increase your focus, keep relaxed and positive, and promote a balanced mind and healthy body.

Our BIOMEDCAN range of CBD Capsule products – SLEEP, MOOD, PLEASURE and SKIN GEL– can assist you with many of the health and lifestyle issues found in a modern lifestyle. BIOMEDCAN has designed CBD capsules that combine the multi-faceted CBD component with other natural active ingredients to create the ENTOURAGE EFFECT to maximise their efficacy and give you the most beneficial results.

Achieve your beneficial daily dose through our easy to swallow capsules and avoid poor tasting doses or oily residue.


In addition to the primary benefits of each of our products, a daily dose of one of our CBD products comes with even more health benefits. Thanks to the additional herbs, vitamins and minerals found throughout our products, we can help you achieve an all round healthy lifestyle and personal wellbeing.

Biomedcan CBD Warning
Keep out of reach of children
do not exceed the recommended daily dosage of 20mg
Store away from sunlight heat and humidity
Consult a doctor before use during pregnancy and breastfeeding
The advice in this website is not made by physicians and is based on testimonials and prior product usage
 Easy to dose
 Easy to swallow
 No oily taste
 One box = One month supply
 Gluten Free
 Suitable for vegans
 The longer you use the product – The more effective it is
 Product is not hallucinogenic
 No additives added
 Zero THC
 General healing effect
 The entourage effect it provides gets you the required results
 Locally produced in a SAHPRA and FDA approved facility
Store away from sunlight, heat and humidity.
Do not exceed the maximum daily dose of 20mg of CBD.
This highly concentrated health / food supplement is recommended with a varied, balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.
Consult a doctor before use during pregnancy and breastfeeding.
Contraindication might occur with hypersensitivity to any of the ingredients.
Keep out of reach of children.
For peace of mind make sure product is compliant to SAHPRA legislation
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