CBD Frequently asked questions

Below you will find some of the most common questions we are asked, from time to time. We hope you find this insight helpful.

Product information

All Biomedcan products are Gluten-free.
All Biomedcan Products are perfect for the vegan diet.

Each of the Biomedcan products comes with a recommended consumption. 

However with our Biomedcan CBD Capsules, for Mind. We recommend a daily dosage of 10mg a day. With our Biomedcan CBD Capsules, for sleep, mood and pleasure. We recommend a maximum daily dosage of 20mg a day.

With our CBD skin, repair gel, we recommend a maximum dosage of 20mg a day.  For our Biomedcan CBD chocolate, we recommend a maximum daily dosage of 100g of CBD Chocolate with 20mg CBD.

Biomedcan offers a range of products that assist in a multitude of benefits. Such as;

  • Improvement of memory & focus
  • Improvement of faster and deeper natural sleep patterns
  • Improvement of mood, while decreasing anxiety, stress, depression and mood swings.
  • Increased Pleasure
  • Skin Repair, by hydrating, repairing and restoring the balance of your skin.

All of our Biodmedcan has added natural additives to complement and assist with the desired result. 

Please read more about each product under the ingredients tab of each product page.

We would also love to make note, that none of our products includes THC.

All Biomedcan products are locally produced in a SAHPRA & FDA approved facility. 

If you have any more questions about our products & the certification, please feel free to contact us at info@biomedcan.co.za

Sales, Shipping & Support

You can find any of the Biomedcan Products on the Biomedcan website. As well as the following retailers:

Wellness Warehouse, Takelot, Faithful to Nature, CBD store, Vintage & Vogue, Organic Living and Certain Dischem stores.

Search or Retailers page for more information on our retailers

To find our chocolates, you can visit Lekker Vegan, Four & Twenty and Von Geusau Chocolates.

Biomedcan cares about your safety and privacy, that is why we have partnered with an e-commerce system that values your security as much as we do.

WIth Payfast, you know that you can make purchases with Biomedcan that are fast, safe and secure

For more information about our payment safety, please feel to visit the Payfast website, or contact us at info@biomedcan.co.za

Biomedcan values your privacy, whether it is the discretion of your purchase or your data and information.

We have created a privacy policy on what you should know about Biomedcan and your privacy. Visit the privacy page here.

We offer returns or exchanges within 30 days of the date on the invoice. You can return your product for store credit, a different product, or a refund to the original payment method. 

However, we do have limitations on the types of returns and exchange, we do except. Please find all you need to know about returns and exchanges on our shipping & returns page.

Biomedcan offers a variety of CBD products for Sleep, Mood, Mind, Pleasure, Skin Repair and something special for those with a sweet tooth

Visit our product page for more about our CBD Capsules, CBD Skin Repair Gel and CBD Chocolate.

All Biomedcan products are delivered across South Africa. The flat rate for shipping within South Africa is R85. However if you spend, R1000 or more at our Biomedcan Online store. The Deliveries are on us. 

We also stock our products at various other suppliers. You can explore our Retailers Page, to see another store that stocks our Biomedcan Products.


CBD, short for Cannabidiol, is one of many active compounds, known as Cannabinoids, found in the Cannabis Plant. Although it has similar properties to THC, the most common Cannabinoid, CBD is not psychoactive, which means that it will not cause a “high” sensation.

Through an intensive extraction process, CBD can be consumed via; Creams & Lotions, Oils & Tinctures, Capsules, edibles and vaping.

CBD can be consumed in multiple ways. Whether it be inhaled by vaping, Consumed by either Capsule, which is a Biomedcan speciality. It can also be consumed in oil form or mixed with an edible such as gummies or chocolate.

Another properly method is applying it topically, be producing a cream or lotion for the skin. Like the Biomedcan Skin Renewal lotion.

Researchers have discovered that the body contains a complex interactive cell-signalling system known as the Endocannabinoid System (ECS). The Endocannabinoid System is made of three components:

  • Endocannabinoids: These are molecules made in your body and have similar functions as cannabinoids.
  • Endocannabinoids Receptors: These receptors are found throughout the body and allow the endocannabinoids to bind to them in order to let the ECS know, that it is time for action.
  • Enzymes: Break down the Endocannabinoids once it has fulfilled its function.

This means that when CBD is consumed, the CBD molecules bind with the receptors, activating the effects of the CBD, which is then broken down by the enzyme after use.

The best way to determine if CBD is the right product for you is to determine your needs. 

If you are looking for a product that gets you high, then CBD is not right for you. But if you are looking for a product that may assist you with improving mental and focusing, sleep, mood and pleasure, then you know the Biomedcan CBD products is the right product for you.

CBD is a product that does play well with others. In fact, there is a term known as The Entourage Effect. This implies that by combining certain Cannabinoids with other cannabinoids or Terpenes, which are naturally occurring compounds found in plants. You can enhance the effects on your body.

In fact, Biomedcan has put together a whole list of Terpnes, that may assist you with specific benefits assisted by Biomedcan CBD products.

Important need to knows

In 2019, the sale of Cannabidiol (CBD) products was made legal as long as the products adhere to the following requirements:

  • No products may offer more than 20 mg of CBD in the daily dose.
  • No CBD products may contain more than 0.001% of THC.
  • May in no way claim that it cures, treats or mitigates any disease. However,
  • it may advertise broadly about general health enhancement or assistance.

The great news is that Biomedcan follows all the necessary requirements. 

If you are still unsure, please feel free to contact the Biomedcan team and we will be more than happy to answer any questions that you may have.

No, CBD will not make you high. CBD does not contain more than 0.001% of THC. 

THC is a psychoactive cannabinoid. which means that this cannabinoid is responsible for the “high” sensation. 

Because CBD does not contain any THC. It will not get you high. 

Our Biomecan range has a Nappi code and is registered with Medikredit. If prescribed your medical aid should cover the products, except for the chocolate.

No, you do not need a prescription for a CBD product. 

However, it is ideal to consult a licensed medical professional if you have never consumed a CBD product.

Researchers have found that CBD, or cannabidiol, did not react with either of two commercially available tests used to screen for marijuana use. 

However, if you are concerned, it is also good to consult your doctor before consuming.

Do you have a questionthat we have not answered yet?

Please feel free to contact us on one of the following contact details or fill out the form below:

   info@biomedcan.co.za          021 418 1561
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