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In Cape Town especially we all know our one and only Lilly Slaptsilli. A drag artist, stand-up comedian, and lip-synch diva. Lilly Slaptsilli’s quick sassy yet approachable persona has seen her entertain audiences for 25 years. With a handbag full of characters she delights and surprises with her jokes and songs. Her multiple persona’s include #lillyslaptsilli, Lynette #tosis, and Beryl Cohen #busyberyl.

What is fantastic is that Beryl Cohen #busyberyl endorses and recommends Biomedcan. On a recent call to her bestie Shazmatazzz, she is planning a big night for her anniversary with Lionel. But he is definitely not performing and his entertainment centre is not entertaining anymore.

Planning ahead #busyberyl’s bag is full of extra knicks and knacks for the big night. Feather boa’s, some sexy lingerie, and other bits and bobs to make the evening the best yet.

Luckily at shul, she heard a chick that was talking about Biomedcan. #busyberyl has already tried a whole range of products especially for Lionel’s psoriasis because it has an amazing range for the skin which has CBD oil.

She continues to tell Shazmatazzz about all the other amazing products from Biomendcan including stuff for your mind, immune boosters, and mood enhancers. But the one that #busyberyl is trying tonight is the Pleasure Capsule. Unbeknown to Lionel, she has already been giving it to him since the morning.

Better yet, it is designed for him and her and anybody in between. #busyberyl adds that it boosts your libido and enhances your blood flow, arousals and orgasms. With ingredients like Horny Goat Weed, CBD (which Beryl says is your central business district area #toofunny), Panax Ginseng, Bangalala… (edited to add there are many more fabulous ingredients in this Pleasure Capsule)

lilly slaptsilli recommendations

So, she’s already slipped it to Lionel, and it lasts for 16 hours, so it’s going to be a pleasurable night!

The morning after Beryl is singing and over the moon and calls Shasmatazzz to rave about her fab night! With the Pleasure Capsule, it kept them going all night! Her best quote by far is ‘if nobody else can – Biomed-can’. And the whole range of products has got it all, “a sleeping tablet for after, and a memory capsule so that Lionel won’t forget the time of his life!”

Beryl says “Gets some today”! You can even get it at Biomedcam online, Dischem, Takealot, and Wellness Warehouse. You won’t regret it. So if #busyberyl endorses it, you don’t want to miss out.

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