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Pain Balm & Skin Repair Gel Bundle

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biomedcan cbd pain balm box tube
1 × Biomedcan CBD Pain Balm

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Biomedcan CBD Skin repair gel - front of product and box
1 × Biomedcan CBD Skin Repair Gel

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Biomedcan CBD Pain Balm

BIOMEDCAN CBD Skin Pain Balm can treat external areas with pain. For example, joint and muscle pain, dry skin, irritated skin, inflamed skin and infected skin. Our CBD Skin Pain Balm is also great for bites, burns, rashes and stings. FURTHER PRODUCT DETAILS.

Biomedcan CBD Skin Repair Gel

With daily use, BIOMEDCAN CBD Skin Repair Gel can treat skin conditions and rehydrate dry, irritated skin. CBD Skin repair gel is an all natural, safe skin product that contains 0 THC, restoring and preserving the natural balance of your skin for a soft, healthy skin complexion. With consistent use, this skin cream can be used to treat and relieve discomfort from dry skin, eczema, psoriasis, inflamed skin, burned skin, sunburn, bites and stings and rashes. MORE PRODUCT DETAILS.

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